Read: From Procure to Pay – Automating Finance

RPA could offload many procure-to-pay processes burdens. Employees get more time to complete strategic work benefiting the bottom line. Errors become a thing of the past. Your organization becomes more efficient. Find out how to reap the benefits of RPA by downloading the ”From Procure-to-Pay: Let intelligent bots do it all” eBook.

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It’s true that RPA’s software robots (“bots”) complete simple, repetitive tasks more quickly and accurately than humans. They never call in sick. They never make mistakes.
But RPA is less about replacing humans with bots than it is about refocusing employees on activities that truly require their ingenuity, judgment, and creativity. Indeed, the workforce of the future will be made up of humans and bots working harmoniously together.
For example, your bots could process 95% of your P.O.s and invoices. But the other 5% of tasks—whether because an amount is over an allowed limit, or other irregularity—could be referred to a human worker with the judgment and authority to approve or reject a transaction.
Better yet, you can create this human-bot digital workforce using cognitive automation and RPA without burdening IT.