Read: Business Leader’s Guide to RPA

This guide helps you select the best automation tools for your organisation. Learn how automation can improve your company’s productivity, lower costs, and improve compliance — all while making you more competitive than ever.


Most employees spend up to 20 percent of their time on mundane, repetitive tasks. But with RPA, you can automate cumbersome chores and give employees up to 10 hours a week to focus on higher-value work, improving productivity and innovation.

In  this new, in-depth eBook, from our partner platform Automation Anywhere,  explains how:

  • Automation can save employees up to nine weeks of effort annually
  • RPA can dramatically increase your company’s capacity
  • Bots significantly reduce errors and save time on rework tasks
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Today’s digital workplace leverages automation in every department and function. In the call center, chatbots take calls and attended bots monitor customer sentiment, allowing the call center agent to provide higher levels of customer care. In accounting, functions like quote-to-cash and procure-topay are automated to save time and maintain regulatory compliance. Even supply chain and other ERP functions are automated, where bots seamlessly move data between systems to enable the most costeffective manufacturing possible.
Modern workplaces, when empowered with intelligent automation, give its workforce superhuman powers. They become more productive, more accurate, more cost-effective, and, not coincidentally, happier in their work. In fact, a recent University of London study shows that organizations that augment worker productivity with automation actually “have more ‘human’ workplaces. ”