DMS for Law Firms: the state of the market in 2015

The January edition of Legal IT Insider contains analysis of the Legal DMS market in 2015.


After so many stories from the SharePoint Fan Club and the ShareWhatsThePoint Doubters, we’ve thrown the Insider open to every legal document management systems supplier with a pulse to set out their stalls. We’ve got Microsoft. We’ve got Epona. We’ve got HP WorkSite, NetDocuments and Worldox. And we’ve even got news of a new entrant into the legal DMS market: MetaJure Smart.

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NetDocuments 2015 Roadmap Customer Webinar

Last week, I attended the first NetDocuments customer webinar for 2015, hosted by Leonard Johnson, VP of Development.

Lots of updates and announcements, which I’ll summarise in this post. One thing is for certain – the opening of an Australian presence is not distracting the company from continually updating their service offering.

The company is releasing new iPad and iPhone apps, as well as a focus back to the user, using metrics and conversation.

Change before you have to

Jack Welch

Feynbrook & NetDocuments: bringing high security cloud document management to Australia

It’s fair to say that in recent years, consumers and many businesses have been quick to embrace cloud-based data storage and management through applications such as Dropbox and Google Drive.

However, businesses with highly sensitive and confidential documents – such as legal, financial services, and accountancy firms – have tended to continue along the path of using traditional, on-premises document management systems. These have the disadvantage of requiring significant in-house hardware, software and maintenance fees, incurring hefty associated costs and management burden.

NetDocuments Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Calculator – free download

If you’re considering a document management system (DMS) upgrade during 2015, maybe you would like to do some quick ‘back of a napkin’ type calculations against NetDocuments.  This “TCO” spreadsheet can help you do that.  Of course, if you want to get more scientific than that napkin, you can always contact us to discuss.

TCO Calculator (46.9 KiB, 578 downloads)