Intapp & NetDocuments – an agile platform ahead

One of the most exciting announcements at ILTA this week is the announcement of the new Intapp Marketplace.  Feynbrook is one of the founding partners, listing a handful of workflows specifically focused on NetDocuments.

The workflows we released today help enhance user experience and reduce IT administration of NetDocuments.  Over the next few weeks, we will release more workflows, taking advantage of Intapp Flow’s new document automation features and more – we will be asking our clients what they want (any ideas? Contact us).

What do we stand for?

While we were writing the listings something interesting happened which demonstrates nicely what Feynbrook “stands for”.

While discussing the opportunity with a friend, he made a suggestion, “hey, you could write these for other document management systems, too! More opportunity for Feynbrook.” My reply was, “Yes we could, but we won’t.”  There are two reasons why not.

First, NetDocs APIs work seamlessly inside Intapp Integrate (formerly Integration Builder) – it’s a great development experience, unlike that of other document management systems.  For example;

  • the APIs are stable and available with no cost or special effort,
  • the documentation is excellent, and
  • support from NetDocuments is quick and comprehensive

Second, and most importantly, the Feynbrook team believe that NetDocuments represents the evolution of document management for law firms and IT service delivery; ‘developing backwards’ is not an option.

Value at the intersection

Feynbrook is proud of our strong partnerships.  Intapp Flow and NetDocuments  have a bright, innovation filled future, and it’s rewarding to be creating client value at their intersection.

Visit the Intapp Marketplace – find Feynbrook’s offerings under “Application Specific Workflow“.

PS – I’m at ILTA this week, email me if you want to connect.