Blockchain technology enables participants in a business network to exchange value without middlemen

It is an unprecedented opportunity for change

Bitcoin is not blockchain


Numbers vary, but it's clear blockchain is a big strategic focus for banks - 90% of major North American and European banks are exploring blockchain solutions; 69% of banks globally.  Similar numbers across insurers, with the rise of smart policies connected to the blockchain.

Law Firms

According to PwC, 41% of law firms are planning to or using blockchain for transactional legal services, 31% for high value legal service and 21% for business support. An overwhelming 70% reported interest in smart contracts for transactional legal services.

year on year growth

Expected expansion of the blockchain space every year to 2022, according to a Netscribes prediction. The market research group believes the “key factors behind this ascension will be blockchain adoption in financial transactions and cross-border payments.”

IT leaders

Only 13 % of senior IT leaders have clear and current plans to implement blockchain, according to IDG Connect research. Based on this statistic, plenty of CIOs are taking their time with blockchain, although many are exploring and researching.