35.9 m Documents migrated
2,680 Users helped
8 months Average project

We are experienced

We are focused

We offer a complete solution

We strive for agility

We embrace cloud thinking

Our clients are top tier professional services firms who are moving to NetDocuments, which is a cloud based document management system that is easy to manage, has exciting features and a strong roadmap.

Our core product is a deployment package centered around five themes - Project Management, Change Management, Data Migration, Service Integration and Partnership.   We bring industry expertise together to achieve a great outcome.

Founded in 2010 by CEO Tony Brooks, Feynbrook started life as a Google Apps partner - helping Amnesty International Australia move email and collaboration to the cloud.  Tony realised he couldn't leave his legal technology past behind, forming strong partnerships with Intapp in 2011 and NetDocuments in 2012.   We are known for bringing NetDocuments to Australia.

Matt Duncan CIO, NetDocuments

The team at Feynbrook have been instrumental in opening up the Australian market.  Their passion for NetDocuments and innovative solutions add real value to our service.

Technology Leader Large law firm*

Tony and his team put our firm in great shape for deployment, which was a success.  We look forward to a long partnership as we build on the platform and take our capability to the next level.

Lalitha KoyaIT Manager, William Buck

We felt that Feynbrook and the team at NetDocuments really listened to any concerns we had. They were very motivated to ensure we got the best value out of the product.