Feynbrook and Intapp: collaboratively helping firms adapt to a changing legal market

I’m delighted to announce Feynbrook recently became a full Intapp Service Partner – taking responsibility for entire service projects, end to end. In addition, we’re excited to be expanding the range of products we implement – adding Intapp Open and Intapp Flow to our Integration Builder services portfolio for Intapp.

Intapp makes software to address the needs of law firms – visit their site intapp.com. Read how our partnership has evolved: hit the green download button.

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Don’t move to NetDocuments for this reason

History has shown that the legal industry is one of “follow my leader” – but in today’s legal market, there’s no room to play this game any more.  The worst reason for evaluating NetDocuments is because another firm is making the change.

There are plenty of measurable, demonstrable and urgent reasons for a firm to consider a move to NetDocuments.

  • sprawling infrastructure – which is hard to manage: indexing servers, application servers, data storage, databases – time and effort vacuums
  • a lack of features – sharing, mobility, open APIs and predictive email filing that simply knows where emails should be filed
  • shattered vendor confidence – leaving missed support tickets and no clear roadmap behind

If these ring true for your firm, look at NetDocuments through the lens of the business you are responsible for – and do it soon.  Wait too long and you will miss early adopter advantage.

Don’t leave your IT strategy to the actions of others.

Contact us to find out about DISCOVERY – our simple, extensive 4-week, tailored process to help your firm assess whether the time is right to move.

Dig your well before you’re thirsty

Seth Godin

Customer Story: William Buck Victoria

William Buck Logo

In August last year, we were delighted to be selected to help William Buck Victoria with their implementation of NetDocuments. The firm are great to work, going live with the system in January.

Read all about their journey – download the customer story below (direct link – no signup required).  Thank you to Fi Slaven, Lalitha Koya and the rest of the WB team for sharing your experience.

Customer Story (743.1 KiB, 37 downloads)

5 hidden costs of on-premise DMS

Do you know the five common ‘invisible’ costs when it comes to running an on-premise DMS? These can be hefty and it’s vital to be aware of them and their impact on your operations and efficiency.

The cost of capacity

On-premise document management systems need capacity for growth, in data and licensing. This gets complex when you need to factor in middle tier, OS, SQL and other licensing – it’s hard to plan for growth.

The cost of agility

Opening new offices overseas or in a new city takes a long time to procure hardware and build environments. Mergers and acquisitions are especially complex, with hard choices: either disrupt normal operations, fork out for expensive data integration experts, or delay commercially important timelines.